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Custom Prop Design in Chicago, IL

Proudly serving Chicago, Il and the Chicago metro area, our Custom Prop Design Services are perfect for bringing your vision to life. With our expertise in multi-medium fabrication paired with modern rapid prototyping techniques, we can quickly design and create everything from strike-safe stunt props to hyper-realistic hero props. Our Custom Prop Design Services team excels at practical lighting, sound, and motion effects, and are skilled at weaving in the subtle details that truly make a scene come alive.

Examples of our work

An example of a custom prop design in Chicago, IL

Faux Snake

Our Faux Snake prop is expertly crafted from lightweight materials, molding and casting techniques are used to create a life-like representation of a snake designed with the intent to hang off of the talent's face. The airbrushed coloring and intricate details make the prop a phenomenal addition to any production. Flexible and durable, the armature wire ensures that the snake can be posed in a variety of ways.

Vintage Serving Trays

Step back in time with our Vintage Serving trays. Created for a retro premier event, these beauties are straight out of the 1940's and aged to perfection. Made with expert woodworking, it contains all the authetic wear and tear you would expect from a true vintage piece.

An example of a custom prop design in Chicago, IL
An example of a custom prop design in Chicago, IL

Custom Awards

When it comes to custom awards, we are experts in creating one-of-a-kind pieces that truly stand out. Our bespoke awards are crafted using only the best materials and are made to order with 3D modeling and printing technology for the highest quality result. Our skilled team of painters ensure that each award is expertly finished, making it a treasured item that your organization will be proud to display.

Retro-futuristic Computer

Our Retro-futuristic Computer is a must-have for any film or TV production looking for that unique and eye-catching element. Designed using a combination of classic kit bashing and cutting-edge 3D printing technology, this machine is fully interactive and complete with a real CRT display. Perfect for any alternative history project, this computer is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

An example of a custom prop design in Chicago, IL
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