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Costume Design

Our Costume Design service is a combination of the best of both worlds - classic techniques and modern technology. Our team of special effects experts produces high-end paint finishes, bespoke designs, and practical animatronic and lighting effects to bring your project to life. And with our team, we can create any look you want.

Examples of our work

Viking Leather Belt 2.jpg

Vintage Leather Belt

Our Custom Leather Belt adds an authentic touch to your costume or production. It's made of high-quality, vegetable-tanned leather and features gradient dye application, faux fur accents, and hand laced leather cording. The belt is hand-distressed and aged to emulate Nordic styling of old.

Stunt Armor

Combat-ready and stylish--that's what our Custom Stunt Armor is all about. With our bespoke and modular design options, we can provide flexible, durable armor that is perfect for any on-screen battle. Our armor has the stunning look of a hero set, but don't be fooled--our designs also offer the superior functionality that makes our armor perfect for intense fight scenes.

Custom Armor Base.jpg

Custom Helmets

Looking for a unique helmet to complete your sci-fi or fantasy costume? Look no further than our Custom Helmet designs. Our team of skilled artisans uses 3D sculpting and 3D printing techniques, as well as molding and casting, to create durable and lightweight helmets that perfectly match your vision.

Custom Characters

Bring your character to life from the ground up. Using all the tools of our trade, we can transform your simple sketch or well-developed concept into a fully-realized, fully-functional character. From needlework to laser cutting, from 3D sculpting to practical special effects, we've got you covered. Get in touch with us today to see what we can create together.

Custom Mage.jpg
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